Kettlebell Workout DVD

Start your Six Week Total Body Transformation Today with KettleWorX Kettlebell Workout DVD

KettleWorx Ultra starts with the “Six-Week Body Transformation,” an easy, 6-week, step-by-step personal kettlebell training program of 6 DVDs: Intro, Cardio, Core, Resistance, Fast Abs, and Fast Fat Burn.

Your Order Also Includes:

  • A FREE 5-pound Kettlebell—KettleWorx Premium Kettlebell
  • The Ultimate Body Sculpting Collection—a set of 4 kettlebell workout DVDs to sculpt your legs and thighs, butt and hips, arms and shoulders, chest and back
  • Fat Free in 42 Days—a 6-week healthy eating guide (e-Book)

On Sale Now! Click Here to Learn More about Kettleworx Kettlebell Workout DVD


On Sale Now! Click Here to Learn More about Kettleworx Kettlebell Workout DVD

Exercise has become an inherent part of our daily routine. Today, every individual seeks to look good and there are several fitness articles, DVDs and training books that are available in the market for fitness enthusiasts. Kettelbell Workout DVD is one of the best offerings in exercise routine and gives every individual the kick start required to enter into the world of fitness and well being.

Legend has it that Kettlebell was a cannon ball with a handle and individuals used it for grueling exercises. It has been used over generations to train strong men, weight lifters and numerous other body builders and wrestlers. Today, different types of such exercises are available in the Kettleworx Kettlebell Workout DVD. You can easily learn different new techniques of weight lifting, power lifting and endurance capabilities with the help of this DVD.

Kettlebells are mainly used for training people who want to build stamina, develop strength, balanced muscles and increase endurance capabilities. With the Kettleworx Kettlebell Workout DVD you can easily learn the techniques which will eliminate weaknesses from your body and increase your muscle mass for more power and strength. Now, you don’t need to visit the gym and slog hours for getting that perfect body. With the help of the DVD you can easily build your body wherever you want, at home or at the gym.

The Kettleworx Kettlebell Workout DVD has several sections for developing different parts of the body. The Kettlebell pull-through for the lower body makes your lower body beautifully shaped and you can now flaunt your perfect figure without any shame. These exercises will strengthen your legs and thigh muscles. For this exercise you need to take two Kettlebells and move them between your legs in to and fro motion.

The Kettleworx Kettlebell Workout DVD will also train you to develop your upper body and do several push-ups. You can hold two Kettlebells and do regular push-ups or you can hold on to the top of the Kettlebell for difficult push-ups. These exercises will strengthen your shoulder, chest and triceps and make you look fitter and stronger. You should immediately place your order for this Kettlebell Workout DVD as it is sure to change your life forever.

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